Many women in business struggle with putting their head above the parapet and promoting themselves and the great work that they do.

They often feel so uncomfortable in putting themselves forward and promoting themselves that they sabotage their efforts.

They find it easy to help others; clients, family, friends in fact almost anyone that presents themselves with a problem, in they jump offering support and sharing their wisdom and gifts for the greater good but when it comes to themselves their fears create sabotaging behaviours that eat up time, create distractions and stop them from putting what they know into practice for themselves.

The problem with this is they become disconnected from their true selves and end up busy going nowhere fast, feeling like crap because they know deep down inside they are letting themselves down.

These sabotaging behaviours are temptations of the EGO, caused by our fears that show up as dramas that distract you, connections with people, situations and behaviours that sap your life force and make you feel like you’re not worthy.

The good news is KNOWING this means that you can CHANGE it. When you embrace your fears you can turn them into learning experiences that propel your forward.

If you are finding yourself caught up in situations and behaviours that you know are distracting you from really stepping up and BEING the woman that you know you are meant to be, what are you avoiding?

If you find this resonates with you then ask yourself: Are the things that I am spending the majority of my time on giving me energy or are they draining it?

What EGO temptations do you find take you down and stop you from showing up fully?  Calling your EGO out is the first step to moving through your fears.

If this is a challenge you are currently experiencing I’d love to invite you to join me on a special complimentary BLISS Discovery Session.  It’s a special session especially for high achieving women who are called to do business based upon spiritual principles.



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