My Story

A sociable child born into what appeared to be a fairytale family, I was quickly brought down to earth at the age of six when my parents separated and my world was turned upside down. I became a child that was used to overcoming adversity. I was the girl who picked herself up and carried on regardless, finding ways to get by; I learnt time and again that when one door closes another one opens. The pattern in our family was to pull your socks up, get on with it and don’t make a fuss and don’t whatever you do try and talk about how you are feeling. If you made a fuss you were outspoken and problematic.

I spent years not feeling good enough, trying to fit in, pushing to prove my worth to the point of becoming Wonder Woman to everyone else but myself.


I was also the girl who daydreamed of making an impact in the world; almost always those daydreams involved helping others in some life changing way.

At 19 I was married with 2 children, a relationship I now know enabled me to escape and start again, I was looking for somewhere to belong. Somewhere I could prove myself, where I was needed, where I could help someone else be the best they could be.  The wonder woman not only lived on, she grew in stature with a false sense of pride at all of her accomplishments.

At 36 I had a flash forward to the end of my life  and an overwhelming knowing entered my awareness. I felt the full crushing weight of what my experiences would be if I stayed in the relationship, all the opportunities missed and a life not fully lived.

My Life.

I knew with every fibre of my being that I must wake up. I wasn’t meant to muddle through, constantly pushing against the tide of a difficult relationship, putting my feelings aside for an easy life and not being true to myself, letting my spirit be crushed.

I needed to discover and claim the reason I am here.

To do that, I needed to take a deep breath and step out into the darkness in order to break through into the light!

I had no idea who I really was. Yet I had a lifetime of conditioning about who and what I should be. Conditioning that had me caught in a trap of comparison, self doubt and self loathing because whichever way I looked at it, I was falling short.

Like a sculptor, chisling away at a block of stone, I have spent years gradually peeling away the layers to discover my true self.

I had to start by being consciously aware of how I was sabotaging myself as a woman and break down the conditioning that was so deeply entrenched that I was hiding my voice, playing down who I really was and feeling selfish for wanting more.

Throughout my whole life I have been sought out to help people understand their most important relationships and reclaim their power around these.

Scenarios like…

  • Clarity & perspective when they are caught in the thick of emotionally draining situations e.g. Divorce, frustration with career, worry about children
  • Unravelling the myriad of issues surrounding a break up & uncover a plan for moving forward
  • Understanding & managing emotions of children & putting strategies in place to support new behaviours
  • Family issues that distract them from feeling good about themselves & trigger old behaviours that arise when they are most trying to do something for themselves
  • Single mums trying to run a business & raise their children whilst being the only one holding everything together, & knowing the buck stops with them
  • Breaking generational patterns that keep them making the same mistakes time & time again
  • Dealing with major life transition & helping them find something to hold onto & guide them when they feel totally lost & don’t know where to turn because their family don’t understand

  • Overcoming self sabotage & dealing with hidden trauma from the past that still affects them today
  • Managing & coping with long standing family conflicts that keep them locked in frustration & resentment towards each other
  • Frustration & doubts about their relationships & feeling like they are almost ready to give up

I realised that I was being called to channel my personal skills, experience and gifts to answer the call of women that although successful in so many ways, increasingly have lost a sense of identity, and connection with themselves…


Women who wanted more from their lives, their business,their relationships and for their children…


Women who wanted to be following their Bliss…

To use my story to give women like you the tools and confidence to be true to yourselves, trust your intuition and feel fully alive and connected… NOT just every now and again, when you find some time but EVERY DAY!

Part of my journey was to make the decision that I wasn’t going to continue to repeat old patterns and that I was going to put everything I had into making sure my future and that of my children was different. I did this by investing in training and the best mentors. I learned what I needed to do to change and followed my intuition. Continually working on my own personal development, I learnt the mindset and actions to take to ensure I became the woman and mother I was always meant to be.

I learnt that to see a change, I needed to be the change.

Bringing this into my work with teenage mums and troubled teenagers, and their families, I gained a huge insight into how we are affected by our childhood experiences and family dynamics that are older than we are, that keep us acting on what we think is our truth rather than trusting our instincts, following our intuition and being true to ourselves.

I realised that when you continue the patterns that keep you playing small, hiding in fear and not loving yourself, you’re passing them down as a legacy for your children and your grandchildren.

This is the gift we are giving to the ones we love.

The impact that knowing this and working to heal myself and stay true to myself had on my own life was so powerful I wanted to use it to help other women do the same.

And it starts with you, as it did with me.

When I look back over my life, and think of what I needed in my times of uncertainty, it was someone who could see my struggle, who had been there before and could hold the space and guide me.

Someone who could help me get perspective, support me to connect with myself and allow me to express my thoughts and my emotions, whilst not allowing me to stay caught in the patterns of the past. Someone who could help me find a way that felt connected to my soul’s yearning and tap into the strength and knowing I already had inside, with love, humor and a good dose of reality check.

And that is what I pledge to be for you.

It’s never too late to be who you are meant to be!

If you know that NOW is Your TIME and you’ve made the decision to fully experience a life where you have the confidence to really BE the woman you are meant to be. Where you truly LOVE yourself, are guided by your INTUITION, always SPEAK your authentic truth and are ready to SHINE, then why not book a Complimentary Follow Your Bliss Coaching Experience with me.

Inside you there is a shining happy woman.

A woman with strengths, passion and gifts that

the world is waiting for…

A woman who is comfortable in her skin, who is clear about her needs and knows how to communicate them.

A woman who understands and nurtures her intuition.

A woman with a mission and a purpose all of her own.

It’s never too late to be who you were meant to be.

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