I come across a lot of women who do!  Think about it – It’s the easy way out…

Imagine what you could do if you were single.  You could just get on and do what you want to do.  You wouldn’t have to think about anyone else, you wouldn’t have to explain or justify what you are doing, or why you want to invest money in yourself or your business. You could go where you want, make fabulous choices and decisions and you can run your business and life in any way you like.  You may even eat different foods, exercise more, and travel to exotic places. You could be the ultimate person you have always dreamed of being and you could have the life, body, health and business that you desire.  Sounds great doesn’t it?

Guess what – That’s BULLS*@T!

Now I’m not saying that every relationship is perfect, and I’m certainly not saying that everyone should stay in the relationship that they are in as I don’t know your situation and there are also many women who lead happy, successful and fulfilled lives being perfectly single.  What I am saying is that we all need LOVE. And we all need to be aligned with people we love and who love us. And for most of us that’s the reason we get involved with someone else in the first place.

What I am saying is that all relationships need work and if something is worth having it’s worth working at.  Just like your business takes work so does your relationship. No relationship is going to be 100% perfect 100% of the time and neither is your business.  However, we do need to ensure that the people we align ourselves with are people that love and support us in growing and changing throughout our lives in whatever form that takes.

But the mistake a lot of women make is when things aren’t going the way they want, they start wishing for something else instead of looking to see what they can improve with what they have got.

By telling yourself that you will only be able to be your true self and live the life you desire if you are single is a sophisticated form of hiding.  It’s your subconscious’s way of holding you where you are and keeping you safe.  It’s an excuse that comes in many guises and can show up again and again to stop you from putting yourself out there and really going for it.

For example; it might show up as arguments with your partner, making you feel disconnected and resentful towards each other, which will undoubted have a knock on effect on your confidence in your relationship and your business; making you feel trapped, stuck in a rut and wishing for the greener grass on the other side of the fence.

So here’s the rub – now you have to be honest with yourself.

What is it that you are really hiding from?

Pause for a moment and suspend your need to believe the ‘story’ you are telling yourself and dig deep to uncover your fears. Journaling is a great way to help you get everything out and create some clarity, so make some time and space for yourself to help you uncover what it is that is really holding you back. Jot down all of the things you are feeling, all of the things that are bothering you and look at what small steps you can take to start doing ‘what ya gotta do baby’!

When you uncover your fears you will be able to tear down the barriers that are holding you back and keeping you small.  You will have more confidence in yourself and your relationship and will begin to move forward with flow and honesty, creating a relationship that supports you emotionally enabling you to be who you really are in business as well as in Love

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